Treatment of thoracic outlet syndrome can achieve very good results. However, there remains a lot of questions and controversy. The best treatment of thoracic outlet syndrome remains open to discussion.

Firstly, treatment will change based on the type of TOS. Secondly, timing of treatment can range from urgent to outpatient. Thirdly, within each type of TOS, different specialists prefer different treatments. Fourth, patients and doctors often choose between conservative and surgical treatment plans. Some of the most difficult treatment questions do not benefit from strong evidence in medical journals.

Given this, patients often find little information to help them make decisions about their care. We aim to help clarify those choices, and to allow patients to explore other sources of information regarding treatment. Finally, we encourage all patients to seek further input before making treatment choices. We provide lists of TOS specialists and help patients to connect with other TOS patients for a full picture of their options. Knowledge is power!

3 01, 2019

Harvey, others see careers rib-born with procedure

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When patients leave Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis after Dr. Robert Thompson, a vascular surgeon, has removed their first rib as part of [...]