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We are proud to present our educational TOS video series. Each thumbnail represents a video from one of our three new video series. You may start with TOS Basics if you want to learn about TOS from the start, or TOS Case Studies, if you would like to absorb a more advanced discussion. The TOS Guy videos present our current thoughts and feelings on TOS, including reviews of published articles, new treatments and diagnostic tests, and current TOS events. Enjoy, and feel free to share!

The TOS Guy-Thoracic outlet syndrome video educational discussions

The TOS Guy

In the TOS Guy video series, we discuss general TOS information and news. You can review videos discussing articles from the medical literature, new and old. Maybe you want to hear about new TOS diagnostic tests and treatment options. You can learn about the latest athlete diagnosed with TOS, and other TOS stories from the news media. As a special bonus, watch for video chats with respected experts, authorities and pioneers in the TOS field.

TOS Basics-Educational thoracic outlet syndrome videos

TOS Basics

A lot of people ask, “TOS seems so complicated. How can I learn about TOS?” Our TOS Basics video series explains TOS from beginning to end, in simple English. We will take apart all the moving parts and break it down so that every patient can learn about TOS. When you dig into TOS Basics, you will become a TOS pro. Educate and empower yourself, and learn to ask all the right questions for your care.

TOS Case Studies-Specific, detailed educational thoracic outlet syndrome cases

TOS Case Studies

This video series presents a more advanced, technical review of specific TOS cases. We will demonstrate imaging used in TOS patients on a level we would discuss with physicians. You will see working examples of how we evaluate images, as well as detailed anatomy and pathology in real TOS patient cases. Learn how the NeoVista® MRI helps make the diagnosis and provides valuable information for treatment choices.

The TOS Guy

TOS Basics

TOS Case Studies

TOS Live Stream Events


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