About NeoVista®

Learn about NeoVista right here. We take great pride in our forward-looking and forward-thinking approach to thoracic outlet syndrome. We know that TOS patients struggle. They struggle to get the right
TOS diagnosis. They struggle to get the right TOS treatment. And they struggle to get their lives back. So we created and refined the NeoVista® MRI study to help patients start down this path.

So far, three patents have been issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office for our unique process. Our process includes images of all vital structures in the thoracic outlet on each side. We know of no other MRI scan that clearly shows all the vital anatomic structures in a single study. In detail, our unique process can separate arteries and veins from nerves, bones, and other soft tissues.  Learn how NeoVista® can help you and your doctor get the correct diagnosis, so you can start getting your life back.

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