About NeoVista®

About NeoVista®

About NeoVista®

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NeoVista®  is a unique MRI examination designed specifically for patients with the clinical diagnosis of thoracic outlet syndrome. NeoVista® provides unique and valuable information that is not available from a standard MRI examination. Every NeoVista® examination is backed up by our superb support team, to help your doctor diagnose and treat you more accurately and more effectively. The NeoVista® team has the broadest experience in thoracic outlet syndrome, and provides ongoing value-added services to patients and physicians after each examination. NeoVista® is available in many locations, and is accessible through most insurance programs.

What is NeoVista?

NeoVista® is a single comprehensive MRI examination of the thoracic outlet and brachial plexus, designed specifically for patients with the suspected diagnosis of thoracic outlet syndrome. The first NeoVista® examination was performed in 2004, and is now available at multiple sites throughout the United States. Since its introduction, over 2000 patients have undergone the NeoVista® examination, referred by over 200 physicians and other thoracic outlet syndrome specialists.

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Why is NeoVista different?

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The NeoVista® MRI examination was first performed in San Francisco in 2004. An intensive ongoing program of surgical observation and correlation, clinical follow-up, and close feedback from clinical TOS colleagues has led to multiple refinements and patents for the unique NeoVista® MRI examination. TOS patients will benefit from our endless dedication to improving the diagnosis of TOS.

Who are we?

NeoVista® is a service of Vanguard Specialty Imaging. We are profoundly dedicated to the mission of advancing knowledge about TOS, raising awareness of TOS, providing resources to TOS patients, physicians and other care providers, and enabling the optimum treatment for all patients with TOS.

Who are we? NeoVista® Doctors Team

Where can I get a NeoVista MRI?

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NeoVista® imaging partners are selected for their high-quality patient service and dedication to the latest in patient care. NeoVista® partners are located across the country. Our goal is to make NeoVista® available to patients in every state of the country, and in all major metropolitan areas. Enter here to find the authorized NeoVista®  Imaging Center nearest you.

How can I learn more about NeoVista?

We are fully aware of the challenges faced by patients with TOS. We seek to provide an ever-growing library of resources for these patients, including educational materials, information about TOS providers and online resources, and connections with other TOS patients, families and providers. Join the community!

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NeoVista® TOS Multi-Specialty Group

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The NeoVista® TOS Multi-Specialty Group is a unique new service for patients with thoracic outlet syndrome. TOS MSG is a group of highly-specialized TOS specialists who provide a comprehensive evaluation of each patient in a single organized program. We are proud to offer this new service in the San Francisco Bay Area.