Drake Curry said he felt like he was throwing 100 pounds.

A baseball had never seemed so heavy to the Benedictine Bulldogs’ pitcher, but Curry and his arm have come a long way in just five months.

The Rochester native ended up in the emergency room on Halloween night with a swollen, dusky-colored arm and a blood clot spanning from his neck to his forearm. He could see the veins coming up to the surface of his arm, and he was nervous.

Read the full article in the State Journal-Register

A good article describing yet another case of a high-level overhead athlete developing venous TOS.

Venous TOS requires urgent medical attention. Hopefully, as these high-profile cases become a little more common in our modern media, athletes and doctors will recognize the disease promptly. Prompt recognition and treatment improves treatment outcomes.

We are glad to hear that Drake is doing better, and we hope he has a full recovery to his prior pitching ability.

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