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12 09, 2017

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, hard to diagnose and treat, can leave patients in pain for years

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St. Louis Beacon By Kathie Sutin, Special to the Beacon Oct. 23 - For years, Bryan Bopp of O'Fallon, Ill., suffered excruciating pain in his neck, shoulders and back. The pain was so intense that it threw him [...]

12 09, 2017

Thoracic outlet syndrome and pitcher effectiveness

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SB Nation Thoracic outlet syndrome is a rare but serious injury that a few major league pitchers have suffered in recent years. How has this injury impacted the effectiveness of pitchers, both before diagnosis and after surgery? Last [...]

12 09, 2017

In return to Citi Field mound, Matt Harvey continues battle with himself

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Daily News | Sports If there were boos at the start, he overcame them. Matt Harvey’s battle Tuesday night was not with the few fans at Citi Field who were stung by his latest off-the-field controversy. The fight [...]