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Throughout this website, we have made our best efforts to provide informative, accurate, current and accessible resources for patients with TOS, and for physicians seeking the latest information and a community of other care providers. And we introduce NeoVista®, a novel and unique MRI technique that is the most effective modality for confirming the clinical diagnosis of TOS. We invite each of you to visit all parts of our website, and encourage each of you to contact us with any questions, recommendations or information that might help you or others with TOS. 
What is NeoVista®?
NeoVista® is a complex set of MRI protocols that provides a definitive and unique evaluation of patients with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS). Dr. Scott Werden has spent the last several years developing and refining this patent-pending MRI technique. With almost 500 completed TOS studies to date, Dr. Werden has created one of the largest TOS patient case history databases. As the consulting radiologist on every NeoVista® case, he is easily accessible for consultations and questions from physicians and patients.

Breaking News

Dr. Werden
joins Board of Directors of the American TOS Association.

Dr. Werden has recently been selected to serve as Director, Diagnostic Research and Development (primary investigator), and as Public Information Officer-Media Relations-West Coast Division for the American TOS Association (ATOSA). ATOSA is one of the leading organizations dedicated to improving knowledge and awareness of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS) and other upper extremity neurovascular disorders. Through global education, communication and research, the American TOS Association continues to bring upper extremity neurovascular disorders to the forefront of modern medicine. Please see the ATOSA website for more detailed information.

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